2nd Hour Kick Off

Today we kicked off our 2nd Hour at Eastport Bible Church.  What is 2nd Hour you may be asking?  Well, first of all, it’s awesome and second of all, it’s the hour that we have after our 9:30am church worship service that is dedicated to awesome Bible classes for adults and children.  Basically, it’s like Sunday School which is something that I grew up going to.  I’ve realized that it can be hard to imagine why you’d be at church for multiple hours on a Sunday.  But I’ll just say that encouraging yourself and your family to learn more about God’s love and His great plan for our lives is never wasted time.  When we look around and see all of the brokenness and struggles of our world, there is nothing better we can do than to draw closer to the incredible God who loves us all.  And 2nd Hour helps us to do just that.


What follows will be an array of pictures from our official 2nd Hour Kick Off Fall BBQ.  I’ll explain briefly that we started with a fun card game for all ages that Jeremy and I made up last night.  Officially, it was called, “The Best Group Card Game Ever” and after playing a few rounds of it, I think it might be just that.  We had a blast.  It was basically kind of like Bingo meets Sequence meets Bible Trivia meets the part where you had to walk around to other tables to find the cards you needed.  As I’m typing this, I realize that there is no way it makes sense, but as you’ll see from the pictures, it was totally fun.

After our game, we had a brief time of sharing about the new classes that our church will offer for the Fall.  We have two classes for adults with one being a Bible Class and the other being a Marriage class which I’ve heard is amazing.  We also have Eleven for teens which meets at our house and is for 7th-12th graders and then 2nd Hour Heroes for 1st-6th as well as a Preschool program for the little ones.  All of our classes meet from 11:10-10:00 noon every Sunday and everyone is invited and welcome to join us.

And after that, we enjoyed a beautiful meal all together provided by some amazing cooks from our church.  There is nothing more fun than breaking bread with your church family and it was the perfect ending to a wonderful morning all together.  Enjoy the pictures and thank you to everyone who helped to make this such a fun morning!















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