Bizarre Bazaar 2017

This morning, we held our 3rd Annual Bizarre Bazaar at Eastport Bible Church.  Under ominous skies, a great team of helpers set up for this incredible outreach event.


Just after 10:00am when the Bizarre Bazaar officially started, I walked over to check everything out.  And what I saw, warmed my heart.  Because everywhere I looked, I saw the amazing people of Eastport Bible Church reaching out to others in our community and sharing the love of God.


The Bizarre Bazaar has an interesting concept.  Our church family brought in many donations to be a part of this event.


And those in our community who stopped by were encouraged to take any and everything that they needed and leave any donation that they were able to give.


Nothing was priced, and everything was up for grabs.


Our dear friend Toni Peterson came up with the idea for the Bizarre Bazaar a few years ago and she has continued to be the heart of this incredible event.  When I stopped to talk to her, she was delighted.  We briefly talked about the weather, because the forecast for today was not great.


But then she shared that she was so happy, not only because people were taking so many things with them.  She was most happy that she was able to share about the many amazing church programs that we offer at Eastport Bible Church.  Toni made up a great flyer that shared about individual programs and made it her mission to pass them out to everyone that she saw today.  She was thrilled that so many people walked away, not only with great goods in hand, but also with knowing that there was a church in our community that cared about them.


Thankfully, for about an hour or so, we actually enjoyed some nice weather for our event.




Ellee was delighted with the Bizarre Bazaar because she became the proud new owner of motion sensored snack dispenser.


Yes, it was so much fun to see the joy on so many faces during the morning of our Bizarre Bazaar.


Unfortunately, those looming clouds turned into some pretty bizarre weather came with a vengeance and put quite the damper on the sale.  For a good half hour or so, we not only experienced heavy rains but also some hail as well.


The weather did end up clearing and people also returned to the sale, so that was something to be thankful for.  Unfortunately, the hard workers of the Bizarre Bazaar ended up wrapping up the sale much earlier than they anticipated because we ended up getting more rain for the afternoon.


But despite the weather, overall the Bizarre Bazaar was a great event.  Proceeds raised from the sale will go to fund an ongoing project at Eastport Bible Church.  We are currently in the process of paying off land that we’ve purchased.  Looking to the future, we are excited to eventually build a big multipurpose building that can be used for our ministries and our church events and to continue to serve our community in a variety of ways.

In closing, I just want to give a huge thank you to Toni Peterson and her amazing crew for hosting our annual Bizarre Bazaar!  Thank you for loving and serving our community today and for the amazing job that you did!


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