Closing Ceremonies

This past week at Eastport Bible Church, two of our school year ministries held their “Closing Ceremonies.”  Events started on Tuesday evening with our Pioneer Girls ministry.  Pioneer Girls is a weekly group for girls in 3rd through 6th grades.  Each week the girls get together for songs, activities, a Bible lesson and lots of other things that elementary school age girls love.


At the beginning of their last night, the girls put on a closing program for their parents.  During the program, each girl had the chance to share some things that made them unique.




The girls also sang a variety of songs that they had learned throughout the year and even encouraged some audience participation as well.


The highlight of the night was seeing the leaders and hearing all about how much they loved and cared about each girl.


The girls were each presented with awards that they had earned throughout the year.


And they ended their program with a final presentation about what they each wanted to do when they grew up.


A huge thanks to these incredible ladies and the hearts that they had for serving in Pioneer Girls this year.


Then on Wednesday evening, our Stockade Boys wrapped up their year with their annual Pinewood Derby.  They were cheered on by family and friends and it was a very fun evening.


The boys enjoyed watching the races in great anticipation that their cars would finish in first place.



Nathan Tuttle, the director of Boys Stockade did a great job of leading this group this year.  He worked hard with a team of leaders who were there each week to encourage and support these 3rd through 6th grade boys.






In the end, a few took home trophies based on the performance and look of their cars, and all had a great evening at the races.


Technically, Stockade will meet up again this week and the boys will also look forward to a few more activities, but overall this was the official end of the year for both Pioneer Girls and Stockade Boys.  We are so blessed at Eastport Bible Church to have children’s ministries that are thriving and meeting so many needs.  A huge thanks to the directors and leaders of these programs as well as to the children and families who actively participate in them all throughout the year.


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