A Celebration for Joy

Last night, some of the amazing women at Eastport Bible Church gathered together for a celebration of Joy.  In case you didn’t know, Joy Pedrow is the beautiful fiancé to our very own Zack Skarka.  Yesterday was our opportunity to shower her with love and gifts prior to their upcoming wedding in May.


There were many dear friends who attended.


We all enjoyed hearing a devotional shared by both Joy’s mom and Zack’s mom.


It was so sweet to see them work together as they encouraged Joy in the ups and downs that would come along with her marriage to Zack.


Both shared beautiful words from their hearts…


And Joy received this encouragement  with appreciation and grace.


We all enjoyed having Zack there for the first part of the shower.  The ladies of Eastport Bible Church all took time to share fond memories of Zack.  I had no idea how hard this would be emotionally until it was my turn.

All of a sudden, I was flooded with memories of Zack.  When he was in 5th grade and we had come to Eastport for our internship, I remember driving him in the mornings to the high school so that he could do advanced math classes there.  I recalled him growing up in our Youth Group and joining us for Missions Trips and the activities.  I remember the day he found out he had cancer and how heartbroken I was at that news.  I remember thinking that Zack was one of the best people I would ever know and wondering why he had to go through such a difficult thing.  We prayed and prayed and God healed him of that cancer but then when he was diagnosed with cancer again the following year, it was almost too much to bear.  But again, God faithfully saw him through and he was able to beat that as well.


Zack is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve known.  He’s grown in so many ways throughout the years.  He always set the most incredible example and he always faced his difficulties in the most joyful and gracious manner.


He’s served faithfully in many of our ministries at the church and we all very much love Zack Skarka.  So as you can imagine, it was a great joy and honor to celebrate him and his beautiful fiancé.


Speaking of Joy, she was so sweet and wonderful and so very happy with every gift that was given.


Ellee very much enjoyed helping her with her gifts.


And we all enjoyed watching her open them with delight and gratitude.


We also learned the tradition of the bows, which is something I hadn’t heard of before.  I believe that Joy only broke one or two, so we’ll have to see if that means anything for the future.


Since Joy and Zack are living in Texas, most of our gifts were pictures of items that will be received in their current home state.


All in all it was a beautiful night of celebration and we with the very best to Joy and Zack with their upcoming wedding.  There is nothing that brings more happiness than seeing our very own go out and accomplish great things in the world.  We know that God has great plans for Zack and Joy and we wish them the very best in all that they will do together.


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