A “Souper” Day

I’m proud to be from Eastport.  We have a beautiful community that does wonderful things and today was the perfect example of how much good goes on in our town.  A few weeks ago, Eastport Elementary hosted a “Souperbowl” and collected canned goods and supplies for those in need.  I believe I heard that about 4,000 items came in which is a beautiful thing in itself.

Since Eastport Bible Church has a food pantry, we were contacted by the school asking if we would like to have some of the items that were collected.  We said sure, and it was a great blessing, especially since our food pantry has been low (it usually is after the holidays).  So this morning, we arranged to go and pick up the items.  But when we got there, we couldn’t believe our eyes.  This is just a picture of some of the items that were donated.  We ended up taking over half, knowing that the load would indeed fill our shelves up to overflowing.


Jeremy and I, along with two of the school staff loaded up the bus completely.  And then, this afternoon, we called on some extra special helpers to bring the pantry items in.


Our helpers were from Hangtime, which is our church’s community after school program.


We chose the Sports and Games workshop to be the helpers since they are the ones that use the bus each week.


They were thrilled to be of service.


It was about ten minutes of constant motion as the kids lined up to bring the boxes and bags of food downstairs.


I was so proud of them all!  There was not one word of complaint and to be honest it was the opposite.  Everyone was eager to lend a hand and they all worked cheerfully.


When I shared how much food was donated with Mrs. King, our food pantry coordinator, who also happens to help out at Hangtime, she told me she only had two words for me:  Praise God!  She knew the needs we had and was so thankful for how God provided so that we could continue to help others.

And I write all of this because I’m proud.  Proud of our community for donating so many items.  Proud of our school for creating this opportunity to help those in need.  And finally, so proud of our Hangtime kids for being willing to serve.  About 30 of them come each week from Eastport Elementary and they all did a wonderful job.

All in all, it was a “Souper” day.


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