Raising a Self-less Kid in a Selfie Generation

When our son was little, we learned that he, like most children, was very drawn to technology.  There weren’t iPhones or iPads back then, but he did enjoy a good DVD and also liked to pretend play video games with Jeremy.


As both of our kids have grown older and technology has become more advanced and accessible, I’ve personally struggled with figuring out the best ways to regulate it for our family.  I don’t want our kids watching Netflix or playing video games non-stop, but sometimes it’s hard to know what limits to place.  We’ve already heard that we are “too strict” and have been questioned by both as to why they don’t have cell phones when everyone else does.  We’ve dealt with anger and attitudes tied in to too much time with technology and to be honest, it’s exhausting to try to balance and to try to figure out what is best for our kids.

If you can relate (and I’m hoping we aren’t the only ones dealing with this) then I’ve got something that I think will be a great help!  Starting January 15th from 11:05-12:00 noon, Eastport Bible Church (386 Montauk Highway, Eastport) will be hosting a Parenting Series called “Raising a Self-less Kid in a a Selfie World.”  It’s open to everyone and we are also offering classes during that time for kids in Pre-K through 12th grade.

This will be a great opportunity for parents to come together with other parents for support and encouragement.  The group will meet each week for seven weeks from 11:05am-12:00 noon and will cover topics including family goals, developing character, boundaries and fostering faith.  Kids will enjoy age group classes where they will also be encouraged and loved as they learn more about God and His work in their lives as well.

On January 15th, when we kick off our series, we will also have a Family Lunch for everyone that will follow at noon.  This will be a fun time for families to be together and a great opportunity for Mom or Dad to not have to cook!  We would absolutely love to have you and your family join us.  If you have any questions or would just like to let us know that you and your family will be joining us, please feel free to email me, Laura Herr at lauraherr8@gmail.com.


We were never meant to do life alone.  If you’re looking for community and support, this is the Parenting Series for you.  Please feel free to share, this series is open to everyone!

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